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Are Your Appliances Wasting Energy?

It's typical to have more than 20 electronic appliances running in your home and also to leave them plugged in, even when you are not using them. What most people don't know is the fact that these appliances gobble up energy even when they are not in use. Having them plugged in is the reason why you have so much wasted energy.

What Appliances Take Up Too Much Energy?

Some electronic appliances only consume about a watt or two when not in use but plugged in, while there are others that consume a lot more. Appliances like your refrigerator, computer, TV, DVD player, lamps, coffee maker, cordless phone, cable TV box, stereo, and toaster consume a lot. Some appliances, like refrigerators, must stay plugged in for obvious reasons, but others should be unplugged when not in use.

The Alternative to Unplugging Appliances

While unplugging to save money is the smartest idea, some appliances do not lend well to being plugged and unplugged every now and then. Your cable box, for instance, will have to reboot after plugging in. If it does not reboot automatically, you may have to do it manually, which can be a pain. Your washer and dryer are some of the major energy consumers in your home, but unplugging them means moving them, and this may be hard to do every day.

Unplugging devices and plugging them back in every day can prove to be a chore in itself. So what do you do then? Using a power strip for some of the appliances can be a great solution. All you will need to do is flip the power strip and voila.

You might not be able to change your current appliances, but when you shop for more, get the ones with built-in energy saving features. Some retailers also offer power strips or power adaptors that use power only for a certain amount of time. Once the set time is over, the appliances will stop consuming power.

A good deal of energy and water is wasted by appliances that are running inefficiently. Consider washer repair or other appliance work as a way to get an efficient machine without the high price tag.

Your home appliances may be using up too much energy and running up the bills for several reasons. However, you may still be able to cut your energy costs by using the same appliances more efficiently.

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