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Two Signs That Your Washing Machine Needs To Be Serviced

It's truly a wonderful thing to have the ability to keep your clothes clean in the privacy of your own home. It allows you to avoid having to wait in line at the local laundromat, hoping that no one will cut in front of you for the next free washer. However, if you want to continue to enjoy this luxury it's vital for you to note when there's a problem with your washing machine. The entire device may not cut out all at once because there could be a series of warning signals which let you know that there is indeed a problem. Use this information to learn more about the signs that it's time to have your washing machine serviced by a professional.

The Drum Isn't Turning

The drum is one of the most critical parts of the entire washing machine. It is designed to provide a friction-like scrubbing action that helps to get your clothes clean. If it isn't turning, your clothes are merely swirling around in soapy water. The machine won't get the job done and you could end up extremely frustrated.

Because the drum typically doesn't start to turn until you put the lid down, it can be hard for you to even realize that there's a problem. The key is to pay attention to the condition of your clothes. For example, if you have a garment with a stain on it, notice whether it comes out after a single washing. Compare it to times in the past when you had a similar stain and it did come out after one load. If it's determined that you have to repeatedly wash your clothes in order to get them clean, the drum is most likely the culprit.

You Shouldn't Have To Wring Your Clothes Out

Another sign that there is a problem occurs when you find yourself having to literally wring your clothes out after they've been washed so that you can dry them. While the washer is certainly not designed to completely dry your clothes, they also shouldn't be dripping wet. If you open the lid after a load and there's a lot of residual water inside of the washer, it's time to have it serviced.

Don't ignore these signs if they happen to appear. The moment you notice something array, contact a washing machine contractor so they can come in and get your unit repaired as soon as possible. For more information, contact a business such as Collier County Appliance Service, Inc.

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