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Electric Oven Heating Element Issues: When You Need Repair

As a homeowner with an electric oven, knowing how to tell when your oven's heating element is malfunctioning is important. The sooner you can spot a malfunction with the heating element, the sooner you can get the appliance repair that you need. Here's a look at some of the things that you need to understand when it comes to your electric oven's heating element and its repair needs.

 Uneven Heating

If your oven has developed hot spots and areas that just aren't getting to temperature, that's a key indication that the heating element is operating unevenly. You can identify hot spots and cold spots with an oven thermometer. In most cases, the earliest indications begin with unevenly cooked food. If you have to rotate food in the oven to get it to cook consistently, that's a sign that your heating element isn't functioning properly.

Dead Spots On The Element

When your oven preheats, you can see the heating element glow orange throughout. That orange glow is the indication that the element is generating heat, and it should be consistent throughout the entire element. If there are sections of the element that are still dark, that means that the unit isn't conducting heat all the way across it.

Excess Heat Focus

When you preheat your oven, the heating element at the base of the oven should be a consistent shade of orange when it's heating. If you have any section of the heating element that is glowing significantly brighter or deeper in color than the rest, that's an indication that the element is failing and is concentrating heat excessively in a failing area of the element. Left unaddressed, this will cause the element to become brittle in the affected section and ultimately break. You'll need to have the element replaced by a repair technician as soon as possible.

No Heat

If you turn on your oven and it doesn't generate any heat at all, the problem could be in the thermostat, but it's often due to a failure of the heating element. Your appliance repair technician will test the thermostat and control panel to ensure that they are functioning as they should be first, and then replace the heating element if so. 

These are some of the most common indications that your electric stove's heating element needs repair. Talk with a local appliance repair professional today for more help and support. They can evaluate your oven and help you address any problems. 

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