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Lengthen The Life Of Your Dishwasher: 3 Maintenance And Care Tips

A dishwasher isn't a necessity, but it is a nice appliance to have to make doing dishes a little easier. This appliance has moving parts and can get dirty, so it needs some TLC in order to keep it working like new and to extend the life of it. See below for some care and maintenance tips to lengthen the life of your dishwasher: 1. Use The Proper Detergent Your dishwasher needs detergent in order to clean your dishes and sanitize them. Read More 

Two Signs That Your Washing Machine Needs To Be Serviced

It's truly a wonderful thing to have the ability to keep your clothes clean in the privacy of your own home. It allows you to avoid having to wait in line at the local laundromat, hoping that no one will cut in front of you for the next free washer. However, if you want to continue to enjoy this luxury it's vital for you to note when there's a problem with your washing machine. Read More 

Wishy-Washy Washing Machine Woes You Can Count On With An Outdated Appliance

You've had that old washing machine of your for a lot of years. It obviously still does the trick, so why in the world would you want to replace it? Unfortunately, outdated appliances are on a sure-fire path to an imminent meltdown at some point–you just can't really avoid it. You can sit and wait for these things to happen, go out and buy a brand new machine, or go ahead and have your appliance checked out by a professional on a regular basis just to be safe. Read More 

What To Do If Your Washing Machine Stops Spinning In The Middle Of Its Cycle

When your washing machine stops in the middle of a load, that can be annoying. Luckily, there are a number of troubleshooting tips you can take. Try these ideas. 1. Make Sure the Load Is Balanced In some cases, the machine stops spinning because the load is unbalanced. Open the lid, and see if everything has slipped to one side. If so, spread around the load so that it is more balanced, close the lid, and see if it works. Read More 

Clean The Spray Arm On Your Dishwasher

Even though your dishwasher is responsible for cleaning your dishes, sometimes it needs a little cleaning help of its own in order to keep your dishes clean. Make sure you keep your spray arm clean if you want clean dishes. #1 Remove Wire Baskets  First, you need to remove the wire baskets from your washing machine. On most washing machines, you have to remove the cap or pin at the end of the sliding track in order to remove the wire baskets that you put your dishes into. Read More 

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