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Wishy-Washy Washing Machine Woes You Can Count On With An Outdated Appliance

You've had that old washing machine of your for a lot of years. It obviously still does the trick, so why in the world would you want to replace it? Unfortunately, outdated appliances are on a sure-fire path to an imminent meltdown at some point–you just can't really avoid it. You can sit and wait for these things to happen, go out and buy a brand new machine, or go ahead and have your appliance checked out by a professional on a regular basis just to be safe. Here are a few pretty bet-worthy problems that will eventually happen with an outdated washing machine:

Spin Cycle Failure 

Right round like a record, baby? Nope! Old washing machines are notorious for suddenly refusing to kick into the spin cycle. Washing machines have a transmission of sorts that shifts the spin cycle into gear when the relay panel tells it to do so. Eventually, the signal to do this can lose its path or the transmission itself will fail and leave you with a tub full of clothes swimming in dirty water. The spin cycle is one of the more difficult cycles for the washing machine to achieve, so it's only natural that this tends to be one of the first signs of failure with an old machine. 

Drainage Problems

Carrie Underwood said there must be something in the water–she was right! You'd be hard pressed to find water that does not have mineral content. Unfortunately, mineral content in the water leads trace debris in the drainage system of a washing machine. Even though it can take years for this stuff to accumulate, it will at some point. The accumulation levels in the drainage lines in the washing machine can get so high in old washing machines that the thing will refuse to drain the water. 

Motor Failure 

Queen asked: Who wants to live forever? Your washing machine manufacturer may have had the best of intentions, but the motor that actually makes your washing machine do its job is not an immortal thing. It will eventually go out, lock up, or fail. This problem can go hand in hand with failed spin cycles, but sometimes a failed motor will simply show up as the agitator not swishing back and forth as usual to wash your dirty laundry. 

If you are still partial to your old washing machine, it's a good idea to check out appliance repair centers in your area. Many problems can be fixed and many parts can be replaced when you are working with a professional who is knowledgeable about washing machine repair. 

Contact a company like All Appliance Service Inc for more information and assistance. 

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