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Common Garbage Disposal Issues And How To Repair Them

The garbage disposal sees a lot of food scraps throughout its lifetime. It is constantly being turned on after a meal in order to chop up and rinse away the leftover food scraps on your dishes that you didn't need to scrape away into the trash. The garbage disposal may run for quite some time without ever running into any issues until you have one that may put a kink in your routine or could leave you without the use of that side of your sink for a while. If your disposal is giving you some grief and in need of repairs, read on for some of the more common issues you may encounter and what you can do about them.

Disposal Is Clogged

If your garbage disposal is clogged, it could be for a number of reasons, including putting things down the disposal that do not belong, or the blades may not be able to keep up with whatever is being put down the drain and not able to chop things up like it once did. Either way, the clog needs to be removed and steps need to be taken in order to prevent this type of issue from occurring again. To clear the clog, you need to turn off all power to the disposal, meaning you need to turn it off at the fuse. Next, you need to reach inside and remove whatever is clogging the disposal. Pull out the item if you can, or you may need to clear it out with a snake, being careful not to get the snake wrapped up in the blades. Once the clog is removed, you need to be sure everyone in your household understands what can and cannot be used in the garbage disposal. If whatever clogged it was rightfully disposed of, the blades may be the issue, and you may need to have new blades installed on your disposal.

The Disposal Has Rusted Blades

With time, the disposal blades may begin to rust eventually, or they could begin to dull. This is why you may have had the clog listed above. To keep the blades sharp, use ice in the disposal, which can keep the blades sharp. Rusted blades may be an issue too, so they may need to be removed altogether and replaced with new blades. This is a fairly simple task to do if you are handy. Remember to turn off the power at the fuse and test it before you attempt to work on it.

If you have a garbage disposal, eventually with time, you may have issues with it. If you end up with an issue you are not able to repair on your own, you should hire a professional repair company to do the work for you. For more information on garbage disposal repair, contact a professional near you.

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