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Installing A Propane Tank? Proactive Tips For Convenience And Aesthetic Appeal

Installing a propane tank to fuel a propane heater or furnace, kitchen appliances, fireplaces, and gas grills can offer many benefits for homeowners. One of these is the security of knowing that you have a large quantity of fuel waiting in the tank to be used as needed. But having a large propane tank can take up a significant amount of space and may be even be considered an eyesore in some situations. If you are preparing to install a propane tank for your home, here are some proactive tips to ensure it will offer both convenience and aesthetic appeal. 

Choose a location accessible for the delivery truck

The first consideration when installing a propane tank to supply fuel for an appliance is to make sure it will be easy to refill. Choosing a location that will allow the propane delivery vehicle to remain on your driveway or at the curb of an adjoining street is best. This will help to prevent any possible rutting damage in your lawn that might occur if the delivery truck has to pull onto the grassy surface of your lawn. In addition to being convenient for refilling, the location for the tank should also be one that will allow the pipe to be plumbed easily from the tank to the home. 

Choose a size that will best fit your situation 

The next thing to consider is the size of the tank you will need. The propane company can estimate your approximate usage by the type and number of appliances that the tank will be serving. While choosing a larger tank than you actually need can be more convenient because it will reduce the number of times it must be refilled each year, a smaller tank that will still offer plenty of fuel may be a better choice for those who have smaller yards. 

Choose whether or not to conceal the tank

If you live in an area where you must comply with HOA or other restrictions, you may need to conceal your tank from view. This can be done in many ways, including placing it within a small privacy fenced enclosure or locating it behind an existing fence, shed, or other structure. If you choose to purchase a propane tank, instead of renting one, you may be able to paint it in such a way that it blends into the landscaping in your yard. 

To learn more about preparing for propane tank installation, speak with your gas appliance service or the propane company that you will use to deliver propane to your home. 

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