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Is Your Refrigerator Heating Up? Talk With The Appliance Experts About Cool New Options

If your food doesn't seem to be as cold as it should when you pull it out of the refrigerator, or you have items getting frost or freezing even though you haven't changed the thermostat, you want to call a professional. An appliance repair professional can come to determine what type of service needs or if it's time to replace the appliance. Here are a few things to consider.  

How Old Is the Refrigerator?

How old is the refrigerator? If you are looking at an appliance that is over a decade old, there are many reasons you may want to replace it. Reasons include:

  • Low efficiency is costing you money
  • The freezer or refrigerator may not be keeping foods at a safe cold temperature
  • Paying the cost for repairs may not be a good investment if many other components will start to default because of the unit's age
  • More practical options and designs may be available for your needs

Talk with the repair professional to see if they think the appliance is in good condition or if there are some other concerns that may require repairs or replacement in the near future.  

What Type of Unit Would You Prefer?

If you are ready to replace the unit, then take the time to look at the newer models available. You can get an option with a touch screen, small door to only access certain areas of the appliance without having to open a large door that lets the cold air out, and more. You can get units with ice machines that create different types or shapes of ice, or a unit that has a refrigeration section on top and the bottom potion a freezer with a pull out drawer.

Know the Space

You want to make sure that you measure your current refrigerator. Just because you think a larger option may fit into the current place where your refrigerator is doesn't mean that you will be able to get a larger unit between cupboards and an island, or through certain angles in your home.

You want to get the biggest size, without having complications getting it through the door. Also, if you want to change the style and get a refrigerator with drawers, there has to be enough room to open them up.

The appliance expert from a company like D& S  Appliance can give you a quote for their costs to either fix the unit that you have or install the new refrigerator that you pick out. Also ask about removal options so you can determine how to get rid of the old unit.

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