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Repairing A Dryer That Won't Dry: What You Need To Know

When your dryer isn't drying your clothing, it can be a bit of a pain. Because of it, you may be struggling to get your clothing hung out to help it dry, or you may be lugging your clothing to your local laundromat to have your clothes dried there. If your clothes dryer has stopped drying, you should know what to do, or some things about your dryer in order to make a repair on your own, especially if it's just something very simple. Read on for some information about repairing a dryer that isn't drying properly.

Replace The Dryer Vent Hose

The dryer vent can accumulate lint. Much like the lint filter inside your machine, when it's full, the dryer doesn't dry your clothing as well as it can when this filter is clear. The dryer vent hose is the same, when it's clogged with lint, it can cause an issue with drying your clothing as well. Not to mention it's a fire hazard for your home. Remove the dryer vent hose and replace it altogether with a new one. Make sure you are also removing the lint in your lint filter with each use of your dryer to prevent the dryer vent hose from filling up in the first place.

Inspect The Drum

The drum of your dryer may not be tumbling, which means it isn't turning. If it isn't turning your clothing, the air from the dryer isn't getting to all of your clothing, so some clothing may be warm and dry, while most of it isn't getting dry at all. To repair this, you'll have to open up your dryer to expose the drum. Once exposed, make sure the screws holding the drum in place are in place and are tight. Inspect the drum itself and be sure the drum is able to spin manually without any skipping or harsh movement. 

Watch The Ignition Flame

Keep an eye on the ignition flame to see if it lights and stays on. If it's burning out, it may be a problem with the flame sensor. The flame sensor may be dirty and isn't recognizing the flame. If you have a dirty flame sensor, you need to use an emery cloth to clean the soot off of the sensor. Once clean, check your dryer again to be sure it is working properly.

If your dryer isn't working properly, it can be a pain to be able to do laundry. Hire an appliance repair company like Cal Valley Appliance to troubleshoot and repair your dryer.

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